Metal Roofing Systems Buying Guide

Metal Roofing Systems Buying Guide

Are you considering replacing your old roof with a new metal roof, or getting a metal roof for your new construction home, cottage, summer home, or a cabin? If so, you have come to the right place, and it’s my pleasure to share my metal roofing buying guide for consumers with you.

Metal Shingles vs. Standing Seam

Out of all the variations of residential metal roofing systems available on the market today, metal shingles and standing seam metal roofs are the most frequently requested metal roofing systems for residences.

Metal Shingle roofs are likely to appeal to you if you like the traditional look of composition shingle. If you are more of modern style person wanting straight line vertical panel metal roof, then a standing seam metal roof is going to suit you well.

As far as performance of either metal roofing system, it really comes down to the quality of installation, which is largely determined by how experienced and how well trained your installers are. Metal roofing contractors who have been in business for a while, have years of experience and system specific manufacturer training to ensure the correct installation. Be careful though, if your metal roofing company uses subcontractors or has high rate of turn over of employees. Be sure to ask how many years of experience the installers who will be working on your roof have.


Also, be sure to speak to homeowners for whom these particular installers have installed a metal roof. Find out if the homeowner is happy with the product and the service provided.

Remember that the quality of a metal roofing installation is a single most important factor regardless of the system you pick.

Aluminum vs. Steel

If you live close to the ocean (closer than a mile of straight line distance), then you will want to get an aluminum made metal roof. Otherwise, galvalume and G-90 galvanized steel coated with Kynar paint finish will do the job well, and help save you a bit of money in the process.

If you live in the path of strong winds, then inquire about metal roofing system’s wind’s uplift rating. Most systems carry up to 110mph wind uplift rating, and can help you get a reduction on your homeowner’s insurance.


Also, inquire about the type of roofing underlayment used by the installer. Request that your installer use a breathable roofing underlayment to preserve the dryness of your roof’s deck.

Before You buy

Find out about installer’s experience with skylight, end-wall, and chimney flashing if applicable. Look at the work done by the installer, and check their references. Finally read the contract and ask questions about warranty on materials and labor. Good Luck with getting a new metal roof and congratulations on making a smart choice.